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    our software will work to assist you with the productivity of your business.
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    We at Khan Software aim
    to create business software to meet the demands of clients
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All products designed for New Zealand conditions, with full support readily available.

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Super Coding

Super Coding

Best User Interface

Best User Interface

Unique Design

Unique Design

Why Choose Us?

Our software is in use throughout New Zealand, from Kawakawa to Stewart Island.

  • Tailored to your needs
  • Fairly Priced
  • Commitment Quality
  • Genuinely Friendly, helpful Staff
  • Active Management
  • Honest Delivery
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Our program for a small or large system

Our stock includes more than twenty versions of debtors systems, five versions of cashbooks, two versions of payrolls, more than ten versions of stock systems and hundreds of other business systems and small programmes.
We are Arwen
1500 clients
10 Experts
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384 Projects

About Us

Jambo. My name is Shafid Khan.

I am originally from Kenya and settled in New Zealand in 1977.

In 1985 I bought my first computer, running the CPM operating system. In those days there was very little accounting software on the market, so I decided to make my own.

My interest in writing computer programs developed and in 1985/86 I went to the University of Otago to study accounting, marketing and computers.

My wife Ngaire and I started Computer Accounts in 1986 while I was still studying for a degree.

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Our Projects


We have Cashbook to suit nearly every type of business.Our Cashbook is easy to understand and use and was created for non-accountants.

Payroll Systems

We carry several versions of payroll systems. These are easy to use, and reduce time spent making up wages.

Debtors and Invoicing Systems

Over twenty versions of debtors' systems are available to suit nearly every type of business, all designed for ease of use.

Shearers Payroll and Debtors System

This program has modified payroll system, debtors and invoicing, open invoice, stock and cashbook.